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Horn Speaker
Bestelnummer 16.3190 / Monacor Easy Line



The music horns from MONACOR are the state-of-the-art solution in order to use the full range of a horn speaker with a clearly extended frequency range.
The 2-way technology with a dynamic cone bass-midrange speaker and a horn tweeter allows for an increase in the sound quality and permits to radiate the keynotes of voices and instruments which cannot be achieved by conventional horn speakers. The music horns are a perfect solution whenever an optimum voice volume and/or a more complete music transmission is required.

Weatherproof horn speaker (music horn), 2-way technology

  • 100 V line technique or 8 Ω operation
  • IP66 certified
  • High-performance music horn at an attractive price
  • 16 cm bass-midrange speaker and 25 mm (1") horn
  • ABS plastic housing
  • Supplied with mounting bracket


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