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Amplifier System
Bestelnummer 17.4610 / Monacor



Portable high-power amplifier systems, with integrated adjustable 2-channel multifrequency receiver unit with UHF PLL technology and Bluetooth receiver.

  • High-performance class D version 120 W, with optimum efficiency
  • Operation via mains connection or built-in rechargeable lead gel battery 2 x 12 V/4.5 Ah (operating time: up to 4 hours), integrated automatic battery charging with charging status indication, deep discharge protection
  • For mobile applications, e.g. sales events, lectures
  • 2 x 16 selectable UHF frequencies (863.1-864.9 MHz) with diversity system
  • 2-way speaker system of high power capability with a 25 cm (10") bass speaker
  • 1 microphone input via comb. jack (XLR/6.3 mm), 1 microphone input (6.3 mm jack), 1 stereo line input (RCA), 1 aux input (3.5 mm jack), each input can be adjusted
  • Common master control, 2-way tone control
  • 1 stereo line output (RCA), 1 aux output (3.5 mm jack)
  • Switchable microphone priority circuit
  • Due to an extractable telescopic handle and 2 castors, the amplifier system can easily be pulled like a trolley
  • Stand sleeve

Licence-free in the EU.

  • Amplifier system with 2-channel wireless receiver


  • Amplifier system with 2-channel wireless receiver
  • MP3 player with SD card reader and USB interface
  • Supplied with remote control for the MP3 player


  • Amplifier system with 2-channel wireless receiver
  • CD player with anti-shock system, MP3 reproduction and slot-in mechanism, pitch control function
  • SD card reader, USB interface
  • 1 wireless transmitter for wireless audio link operation of several TXA-1020 systems 
  • Supplied with remote control for the CD player

Matching microphone transmitters or pocket transmitters, e.g. TXA-800HSE, TXA-800HT or the multifrequency transmitter module TXA-1020MT are avaiable at option.

Audio link operation:
The integrated wireless transmitter of the TXA-1022CD transmits audio signals to one or several TXA-1020 systems. Ideally suited for larger indoor PA applications where a consistent sound radiation is required.


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